Monday, March 7, 2011

project simplify

Last week as I cleaned the bathroom I gazed into my medicines cabinets and thought "Yuck!"; just plain old "yuck!".  I couldn't remember if I had ever really cleaned it...not just organized, but literally removed everything and wiped down the inside.  (My guess from the layers of dust and dirt that I removed, the answer is probably, shamefully, no.)  I mean, maybe it's just me, but who thinks about cleaning the inside of the medicine cabinet?  Maybe lots of people do, and I'm in the minority, I dunno.  But anyway, I was inspired by my new cleaning supplies (more details later), so the mirrors came off, I threw away all the medicines that had expired 2-5 years ago (agh!) and wiped everything clean.  But it got me to wondering what other messes I have around my house that I DON'T EVEN SEE because I've just gotten so used to them! 

That thought process also happened to coincide with the beginning of Project:Simplify over at another blog I frequent called Simple Mom.  When I first heard about the challenge I thought, "No thank you..." and quickly moved on.  But, last week's ponderings, coupled with my new cleaning supplies, some spring sunshine and the added motivation of knowing someone will be house-and-doggie sitting for me at the end of this month was just the added kick I needed to make me say, "Okay, I'm in..." 

Wanna join the party too?  All you have to do is click either of the buttons in today's post and hop over to Simple Mom and check it out.  She is posting the 'challenge' every Monday (today is the first day, the whole thing runs March 7 - April 8, five weeks in all), then you have all week to tackle it.  She's hitting five 'hot spots' to declutter, and in order to really jump in on the party, all you have to do is take HONEST before and after pictures (no pre-cleaning for the before shots!) and then share your progress!  Of course, you can be a wallflower too, and just 'play along' but hang back and not tell anyone you are.  That's the beauty of the internet.  ;)  OR, if you want, you have the privilege to just sit back and watch my decluttering process that's okay too!  Just don't gasp too loud (or say mean things!) when you see my 'before' shots, okay?  :)


Zoanna said...

I'm doing this, too. Surprised myself how little time it took to get the closet from "pretty bad" to "pretty good" just on day one here! I gave myself 30 minutes in the morning and 25 in the afternoon. Amazed. I might have enough time this week to paint it! Who knew? Blogged about it today.

Laura said...

That looks like a great blog!