Thursday, November 4, 2010

making the most of a rainy day

Not sure what the weather is like where you are today, but here in Southeastern PA it's a cold, rainy fall day. I enjoy a day like this every now and then. Granted, I don't love a whole string of them, but every once in a while, they can be actually quite enjoyable. That's right...enjoyable! I'm convinced it's all in your attitude and approach (as with most things in life). So, as I just settle in to making this most of this dreary day, I thought I'd share with you some tips on how I shake off the 'Eeyore syndrome' and make the most of the raindrops!

First of all, I really prefer NOT to have to go out on a day like today. So if you're someone who has no choice but head off to work, I do offer you my sympathies, and will look the other way while you indulge in some grumbling. ;) (I worked an office job for a number of years, and there was just NOTHING enjoyable about dodging parking lot puddles in a pair of high-heeled pumps!) However, my current season in life affords me the privilege of being able to stay mostly tucked-in at home...but alas, there's always something that requires at least a quick trip out. Today it was to pick up my cutie-pie from kindergarten. So, here's how I made the best of it:
I purchased these snazzy little rainboots last week, with it mostly in my mind that they'd be super-easy for Kate and I to leave by the door to pull on for our regular trips out with Maggie. But then today as I started to get ready to head out the door, I remembered my great new boots and got a tiny bit excited at the thought of not having to puddle-jump, but instead just to splash my way through, with my tootsies all warm and dry! (A very good investment if I do say so!) Of course, you also need to forget about 'fashion' and just wear the coziest clothes you own...for me its some baggy old jeans (yes, I know that my 'light-wash' jeans are no longer 'in'), and a turtleneck and hoody or heavy sweater. With my hubby's big-on-me coat for extra coverage! Gotta stay warm!!

My second answer to a rainy day...a hot tea kettle and a well-stocked tea box.
(Ok, you don't have to actually have a tea box...but some tea bags stashed away somewhere!) On days like today, I love a good steaming cup of tea...and especially a flavored one. My choice today would have been vanilla chai, but I was all out, so I settled for french vanilla instead. I also love all the yummy flavored creamers out around the holidays...and they're not just for coffee! A flavored creamer in regular tea is quite tasty too! (Especially the caramely ones!)

Lastly...and this is a must...
Definitely get those home-fires burning - literally!! Candles are a necessity on a rainy day. They make things all cozy, and give such a nice glow in contrast to the grayness outside. I love to light lots of candles, but even just one helps! (If you're at work, maybe you can still grab a cup of tea and light a little candle to help brighten the day!) Plus, if you have a spicy scented one, it's very welcoming to the rest of your family as they return to the 'nest' at the end of the day. Of course, even if you are gone all day, lighting some candles and having a cup of tea helps you be able to just settle in a appreciate the warmth of 'hearth and home' after a long day.

And I know not everyone has (nor wants!) one of these, but a nice, warm, lovey puppy on your lap is nice too... :)

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