Friday, October 1, 2010

lowering expectations

Do you ever feel like life is a race, and you are running as hard and as fast as you can, but you just know you are falling farther and farther behind? Yeah...that's how I feel right now. Even though I can get lots of stuff done every day, there's always more and more piling up. And the part that makes me feel a little overwhelmed now and again is the realization that the reality certainly ain't getting better any time soon. I am 'in the thick' of raising a family....well beyond the baby stage and entrenched in the school/music lessons/sports/clubs/teaching responsibility/teaching manners and teaching...well, those things that every parent dreads. And if you don't know what things I'm referring to....well, then your kids haven't begun asking the questions yet, and so just be thankful. When it happens, you will know...believe will know, and you will blush. Anyway, moving on...

It's in phases like these where I hold my ideals so very high, and find myself disappointed to see the reality of how far short I am falling, that a little bit of humor always lightens my mood. Another blogger had this clip posted and when I watched it, it made me laugh, because the reality is, just - well, less than perfect. And I'm okay with that. I think I'll just relax and enjoy the ride for a bit. :)

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