Monday, August 16, 2010

"L socks"

Luke can be a fairly easy going kid. He does well playing by himself. He gets along well with other kids (most of the time, anyway!). He's a little timid in new situations, but overall adjusts pretty easily. However, there is one thing he is very particular about and NOT flexible or laid back; his socks. Yep, he has certain 'favorite' socks, which he calls his "L" socks. It's not just one particular pair, but rather, several socks that were from one pack that I got him a year or so ago. They are a size 'large', (being the largest of 'little kid' socks purchased in the baby/toddler department, before moving to the ones from the 'big boys' area) thus the 'L' inside them. Luke has become partial to these socks, arguing with me any time he has to wear different ones. However, of late, they are becoming a bit small, and a bit scarce, as he has worn through several and they had to be tossed. The remaining ones have been worn hard, are pretty-near impossible to get very clean looking, and generally are just hanging on. So when we were doing school shopping last week, new socks were on the list. For a long time I didn't realize why he was so partial to these socks, til one day, after not being able to find any clean "L socks" I asked him what the big deal was. He said, "They have an L in them for my name. L for Luke!" Ah, now it made sense. It also made for a problem when we went to buy new, bigger socks. Because now, you see, he was moving from a large to a small. The only option would be no letter at all, or worse, an "S", which, according to this train of thought would obviously be for his brother's name, "Seth"! It took quite a lengthy discussion to convince him that ANY other socks were acceptable.

He finally gave in to a pack that has no letter on it, and he joylessly placed them in the cart. He has worn the first pair, but was unimpressed. I'm afraid he's going to be holding out with the old "L socks" for as long as possible.

Isn't it funny the things that become such a big deal with kids?!?!?


marlin said...

Jess - maybe you could magically make an L appear on the socks with a black Sharpie - Mom

Jessi said...

I seriously thought about that!!! (And I may still do it!)

Holly said...

That's great! My Luke is the same way about some of his things! The mind of a child. I get frustrated sometimes with him about stuff that I think seem silly. I'm trying to better actually listening to him, so I can understand where he's coming from and what his little brain is thinking about! Too cute!

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