Wednesday, March 24, 2010

missing blogland...

Well, the craziness continues. We have our church network's International Leaders Conference next week, and I have lots going on to help get ready for it. I was asked to help out with decorating, including creating a 16 foot banner to hang across the front of the stage in the main auditorium, as well as create a contemplative prayer chapel to be open and accessible throughout the entire conference. I thoroughly enjoy doing these types of things, though I will say, I ran into some snags that made me feel in over my head for a bit. Thankfully my dear and wonderfully artistically talented friends bailed me out and saved the day. Isn't it great to have friends like that?!? Yeah, I love 'em!!

Anyway, I won't go into lots of details, because I plan to post pics later. However, I have been sooo missing my 'blog-world', not only writing (which I miss because it helps me to 'decompress') but also my daily blogroll of all my 'friends' who I love to check in on! Today I actually have a day at home, which will be crazy-busy, but just wanted to take a minute to pop in here and reconnect with a tiny piece of normalcy!

I have one funny story to share, and a pic of a little project I whipped up. First the story.

The other day as my sis and I painted away on the banner we're creating, Luke (mine) and Joelle (hers) - both 5 - were chatting away. Luke asked Elley if she would go play school with him. In her most adorable little 'coy' voice she said, "Well, IF you say please with fruit on top..." To which he said "Okay, what fruit?" Her reply... "You have to GUESS which fruit I want..." Holy sister and I cracked up!! That whole female I-want-to-be-pursued-and-I-want-you-to-figure-out-what-I-want thing sure does start early!!! After a few tries of guessing the wrong fruit, Elley just gave and said, "Okay, it was grapes. Let's go play." We were just dying hearing the exchange. Later I told Todd about it at dinner, and Luke was sitting there. Todd looked at Luke and said "And when you guess wrong, it was your fault, wasn't it?" Luke said "No, it wasn't!" Todd laughed and said, "Oh, Luke. Yes, it was and it will be for the rest of your life and you might as well just accept it." Awww....are we really that hard on them?? Well, maybe...

Anyway, here's the pic of my latest little project. I saw a wreath of moss and adorable little eggs at Joanne Fabric that I really wanted, but it was $30!! I loved the faded pastel colors of the eggs with speckles on them, but couldn't find any styrofoam eggs to paint, and the wooden ones I found were still 79 cents a piece. Forget that. So, while it's not 'indoor worthy' to me (like the other one would have been), this still was a pretty good 'knock-off' for my front door. It was a grand total of $4 (supplies from the dollar store), a hot glue gun and 15 minutes. Easy peasy.
Hope to be back here again very soon!!

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zz said...

Hilarious about the fruit! Wow, I was thinking the same thing: sure starte early, so it's in our genes! That's a keeper story. It's like asking my husband to notice what PART of my hair looks shorter than yesterday befor it was cut? "I dunno....uh...the back?" "NO! That's the part I kept long!>" ERgh!