Thursday, February 18, 2010


Wednesdays are the night our family goes in all directions. Kate has youth small group and the boys have winter baseball clinics, which Todd helps coach. So that leaves just me and Luke. Since we have to drop Kate off, we usually head to the store then to pick up whatever random things I'm needing by midweek. Lately I've been finding shopping with just him to be a fun and pleasant experience as he chats away about whatever random thoughts flit through his five-year-old mind.

Last night as we drove home he was explaining the digestive system to me, as he understood it. I'll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say, he has the general gist of it. He finished the dissertation with "Right, Mom?" I replied with a chuckle and "Something like that...". He then said, "Well, at least, that's my hypothesis." It was nearly all I could do not to all-out laugh, but he was being so serious! As we were nearing home, he proceeded to tell me about how he figured by now dad and the boys were probably done with baseball and would be arriving home soon as well. We soon pulled in the driveway to find Todd and the boys were, in fact, already there. He shouted with delight... "Look mom, they ARE hypothesis was right!"

So, apparently this is our word for the week.

(h-pth-ss) See the pronunciation key

pl. hy·poth·e·ses
  1. A tentative explanation for an observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem that can be tested by further investigation.
  2. Something taken to be true for the purpose of argument or investigation; an assumption.


Bets said...


Anonymous said...

That's so funny....Sophia said the same thing last week yet said this...."mom, my hypothesis is the more you eat, the more you poop." I said , Yes dear you're right. Where did you learn that?" She said on dinosaur train. Maybe that's where our little scientific minds get their boost. :)
love, kate

Jessi said...

That's exactly where Luke got it from too, Kate! And I'm just ever-so-thankful for that show also introducing the word 'feces' into his vocabulary! NOT! Oh, least they are learning to use these big words correctly! haha

Holly said...

Jessi - my Luke used the word hypothesis several times as well a while back. After doing some digging, we also discoved it was from dinosaur train on! So at least when they talk to each other they'll all know what they are talking about!