Friday, January 22, 2010

is your family crazy?

Is your family crazy? Mine, apparently, is. My kids tell me this all the time...though, they tend to say that it's just Todd & I that are crazy, but the other night at dinner definitely confirmed it. And now, I have the pictures to prove it.

I mean, we tease our kids, and do random things like sing crazy made up songs (well, Todd sings regular songs and just can't remember the words, so that doesn't quite count), and occasionally I start doing wierd dances in the kitchen. And there are lots of times that I hear "Mom, that was so random...". And sometimes we do get weird looks from our kids friends, or, like last time Kate had someone over....I can't quite remember what happened but Todd was saying or doing something odd upstairs and her friend said "Is that your dad???" (Now, whenever we see that friend, Todd tries to talk to her and she just looks at him like he's a little strange...well, okay, granted....). But the other night at the dinner table, Todd was, for whatever reason, a little ancy. After wolfing down his own food, he was ready to jump up from the table, in a way that sort of reminded me of one of his sons. I guess I kind of gave him a look that said (in the most respectful way, I'm sure), "Dearest, everyone else at the table is still eating; even though you are done, wouldn't it be a good example for us to stay here and socialize til everyone else is finished as well??" That's a lot to say in a look, isn't it?? :)

Anyway, apparently Todd was really bored, so he got up, I assumed to get more stew from the stove, but came back with two sticks of butter. Now, the butter dish did need to be refilled, but generally one stick is plenty. And then this began...

That, my friends, is a butter sculpture. Yes, now apparently my very talented husband has added butter sculpting to his repertoire of dinner time entertainment. Kaitlyn took pics with her phone camera and showed them to friends at school, as a verification of the oddity of her family. She came home with definitive reports: "You guys are definitely wierd." But really, she loves it, I know. I mean, really...who wouldn't want such fun parents as us??? :o)

P.S. - I am really excited to tell you that I was contacted by a company who wanted to give me some product to do a giveaway!! How exciting is that?!? So keep watching for that post...coming soon!!!


Bets said...

Wow, you guys are weird; and I'm very glad for it! I'd much rather hear my kids say we're strange, or random (usually with a giggle) than hear them complain that we're booooorrring. And, I love when you update your blog.

Laura said...

Luke and I both got a good laugh out of this one!