Sunday, November 1, 2009

LTN fun

Here's some pics from Light the Night. I'm especially happy about how the Super Readers costumes turned out (my Luke was Super Why, Betsy's Lily was "Princess Presto", Elley was "Wonder Red" and Evie was "Alpha Pig". In case you don't know who the Super Readers (from PBS) are, I'm posting a picture of them to get an idea how cute these costumes really turned out!!) Admittedly, I had the easiest of the costumes for that, so major kudos to Bets for her creativity and resourcefulness.
Kaitlyn was "Giselle" from the movie "Enchanted.

The boys were pretty agreeable and easy when it came to costumes. They were both thrift store finds, totally $7 (yep, for both!!).

Jeff Gordon,

Luke Skywalker.

And a few other pics from the night.

Anna the Indian....not sure it was determined if she was Pocahontas or Sacagawea.

Giselle and her best friend Dorothy

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