Saturday, October 24, 2009

weird quirks

This morning I was thinking about some things that I find very relaxing, and thought "Hmmm...that's really odd, now that I think about it..." Oh, well. See if you agree, or if I'm just a strange duck. My top 3 things for a quick de-stress moment:
  1. A good, LOOOOONG stretch
  2. Lighting candles

3. SneezingThose three things bring me an instaneous "ahhhh" feeling. Sure, other things are nice, like a bubble bath or a glass of wine...but for a quick fix, these are great!

Any weird quirks you have? (Don't leave me hangin' here people...I can't be the only one a little bit whacky!!)

1 comment:

Bets said...

Nope, you're just weird all by yourself. :o) I find lit candles relaxing, never noticed the actual doing to be though. But, I also find clean countertops to make me relaxed - the rest of my house can be a wreck, but if my counters are clean, I can breath.