Thursday, October 15, 2009

I DO love a bargain!!!

I get so excited over the simple things in life. Yesterday was a prime example. After some fun 'inspiration time' with my sis as we "ooohed" and "aaahed" over some creative and thrifty ideas we saw online, we decided to hit some second-hand shops ourselves. I was so excited to find a top for Kaitlyn for $5 in a name brand that she's just been wanting so badly, and a few little treasures at Goodwill. I'm trying to learn to see things with different eyes...rather than seeing 'junk' at Goodwill, I went in looking for 'possibilities' yesterday. (I'm still pretty convinced that the Goodwills that house the treasures that I've seen folks come up with on some of these blogs are NOT like the Goodwill here in good 'ol Pottstown. I'm thinking I may have to travel a bit to find some better ones in the near future!) But still, I was nearly giddy with the little things I did find. Here's my treasures for the day:

See the brassy-looking urn? Very fall-ish with those burgundy/brown weedy things in, don'tcha think?? $0.49 at Goodwill. I already had the weedy things (don't really know what to call them...they aren't exactly flowers...) and the candles. Just grouped them together on my little side table for a warm autumny glow.
At the bottom of the table you can see my other find; for $1 I got this little metal 'basket''s really more of a box, I guess. It has so many possibilities of what could be done with it, and it coordinated with 2 other similiar boxes in my living room that contain remote controls. Not entirely sure what will go in this one...if nothing else, I'm always needing to stash pencils/pens somewhere nearby for homework, note taking, etc., so this might become as much about function as decoration. ($1, in comparison to some very similar ones from 'Celebrating Home' that sell for $21 for a pair)!)
Lastly, a cute little top that I actually had my eye on at another store this summer, but just didn't feel it was a 'need'. But when I saw it for $3.50 at Goodwill...brand new, never worn! (and in my size no less!!)...I felt it was justifiable. AND, Todd likes it. So that always makes it a winner.
One last thing. This has nothing to do with bargain hunting, but I just had to point out my adorable jewelry that I absolutely love...and was made by my sister!! She's quite a talented lady (and she's teaching me how to make my own stuff, bonus there!!) and I'm trying to convince her to set up an Etsy (a site where crafty people can sell the wares), so hopefully you too can have some of her beautiful creations!! (Oh, and if you are local, she's planning to have an open house sometime in November where several of her original creations will be for sale!! Let me know if you're interested in more details!)


Laura said...

i feel inspired :)

Bets said...

Seriously, how cute are you?! Thanks for the shout out! Love you, love your bargains, love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess ! Love the jewelry Bets makes...give me the details if she doesn't mind !!!! Thanks !! Jena Kennedy

Aunt Linda said...

Jewelry making must run somewhere in the genes...Chanda has been making jewelry for years! Could be worse things in the genes. LOL

Jessi said...

Hey Jena...the date is Nov. 8th, and it's a combined open house jewelry and purse party (that she booked from Liv). Not sure of the time...I will check and get back to you on that!