Tuesday, August 4, 2009

getting ready for school...

It feels strange to be preparing for school in an entirely different way this year. Normally I'm beginning to think about schedules and new curriculums, how to arrange our school area and fun incentives. It's very bittersweet to be on a different track this year.

I continue to be comforted about my decision to put the boys in our local public school. Today I had to take them in for reading placement testing. We got to meet the reading specialist, who mentioned to Bryce that her son also loved the Frank Peretti series that Bryce is currently reading. A friend mentioned to me that the school nurse goes to a local church where several friends of ours go. I feel like God is giving me little glimpses of the fact that there are many Christians that he has placed within our school system. Public school would not have been my first choice for my kids, but I have to say, I do believe we are in step with where God is taking us right now in this arena.

All the kids are beginning to get a bit excited about school. It's funny to see the different avenues their thoughts are traveling on. Bryce was asking me today while we sat at the school about what opportunities would be available for playing sports. Kate is obsessing about getting school clothes. And they were ALL excited as we browsed notebooks and folders and backpacks today (at the new Five Below!!).

As for me...tomorrow I'm spending the day with some gal pals hitting a whole list of consignment shops to see what kind of dent I might be able to make there before having to do the 'official' school shopping!!

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