Thursday, August 13, 2009

death by flip flop

Today while I was pumping my gasoline, the guy at the other side of the pump looks over and says to me (while nodding toward my feet),

"Ya know, I just heard a study about flip flops and how they can actually kill you...".

Still feeling rather cranky from the morning's escapade involving Maggie running away in the pouring rain and me chasing her and watching her very narrowly escape death by SUV (literally...there was skidding and tire screeching, and I'm not convinced she didn't make slight contact with the bumper), I unenthusiastically replied,

"After chasing my dog in the rain in them today, I believe it."

He continues on, undeterred by my snarky attitude.

"Yep, they said that if you have a cut on your foot, and you wear flip flops for 4 days, that it would keep so much bacteria at the site that you could die from a staph infection."

Wow. Staph infection, huh? Who knew?

And quit looking at my feet anyway, wierdo.


Holly said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL - what more is there to say? Except, I'm glad Maggie is ok!

zoanna said...

I've nearly had death by flip flop but it's not from staph infection. Something much less remarkable: clumsiness. Seriously, I can be standing on two feet one second, take a half step sideways in flip flops, and trip over the darn things. Or moving forward, I simply manage to roll the top under. I am such a klutz. And yeh, that guy's a weirdo.

Glad your dog's okay.
The things we do for our maddening beasts.