Monday, June 29, 2009


I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post! Last week went by very quickly, and though I got LOTS done, unfortunately there is still SOOOO much more to do. I basically gave the boys' bedroom a total makeover. I took apart large metal bunk beds (yes, all by myself!) and rearranged the room because Seth really didn't want a bunk bed anymore (it's all he's ever had) and actually got the two single beds to fit. For the time being, Luke is sleeping on his toddler bed mattress that gets stored underneath the bed during the day and pulled out at night. Rather like a make-shift trundle bed. I told him it's only for a few weeks, til Bryce moves into his own room, so he was pretty happy with that. I also removed the sliding closet doors and replaced them with fun red curtains from IKEA (where I also visited for the first time ever last week) so that one dresser could be put in the closet. I repained everything as well, and am pretty pleased with the results. I will have to post pictures soon.

As for the basement remodeling...well, I guess slow and steady wins the race, right? Things are definitely coming along...Kate's new room actually has's just a slow process, not helped much by the fact that my poor hubby only has a few hours each evening to work on it before dropping in to bed totally exhausted (the same could also be said for our good friend Luke who has been faithfully helping us...according to Todd, we couldn't have done this without him!). They did make a good leap forward on Saturday when there were 3 guys down there (my brother in law Joe joined the work crew that day), and now it's at a point of all the spackling on the new walls needs to be sanded and re-spackled, and wait again for it to dry. So I'm gonna tackle that myself today, just so we can keep things moving along.

I used to think it might be fun to buy an old house and totally remodel it. I don't think that anymore. I'm not complaining, because I know it's going as well as possible, everyone is working hard and we've had so much help, and it's gonna be really nice in the end...but I do get a little overwhelmed/frustrated about living in a 'construction zone'. I basically can't clean anything up because there is literally no place to go with stuff, as we are temporarily living in about half of our house, which is approximately like a large apartment. But it's a good lesson in patience, and I'm learning that I need to not complain and just relax and go with the flow a bit more...something not anyone in our house is particularly good at. So it will be an interesting few weeks, that will require much grace. That's what I'm praying for today.


Anonymous said...

Jess, having just moved into a new house myself...I understand how you want to be back to having everything "normal". I can't imagine how it is with 4 kids, as I only had 2, but in the times that I want to complain, I try to remind myself that it is only temporary! I try to then pray even harder for people like your neighbor who just lost their whole home to fire and are having to stay with family and friends. I am not saying this to not be understanding of your situation, but to say that I thank God for his grace and care of our family. I do continue to pray for your family!! ..... Love Aunt Bev

Jessi said...

Very true Aunt Bev...I have often thought of the Rohrbach's when I'm tempted to grumble about not wanting to do more work on this stuff. It's been a good reminder for the kids, too, when they start complaining about not wanting to get rid of some stuff or least they have stuff!

Thanks for your prayers!