Friday, June 19, 2009

trying to contain myself

I am nearly overcome with excitement. "Why?", you may ask! Well, even if you didn't, I shall tell you.

Next week, I am alone...all week. *I am pausing for a moment of silent gratefulness.* Well, not totally alone...Todd will still come home after work. But the kids are all going to be gone.

Todd's parents are taking the kids for the week, so they can go to Summer Bible School. This is the first year Luke is old enough to go. I believe this is the first time in 13 years that I will have kid-free, consecutive days, at home, filled with nothing but free time. (Granted, I do have one school enrollment meeting, but that's nothin'!) Other than that, I will have 5 days to do with as I please. I can barely narrow down what I will do with the time.

Part of me wants to do nothing at all...putter around the house, a bit of cleaning/reorganizing, watch some chick flicks, do my nails. But there's this other part, having a strong pull, that wants to paint the kids' bedrooms and do whatever other 'big projects' I can come up with. I don't get many opportunities to do projects without the stress of being interrupted every 5 minutes for something. There's definitely appeal to it. However, much of my plans may not actually be possible, depending on the status of the basement project currently underway. So I guess I have to 'play it by ear'...

Did I mention that I'm really excited!?!?!?!


Christelle Joy said...

nice. enjoy it!

zz said...

What to do with all that alone time...great problem to have. I would probably do one of the bigger paint projects for two days, rest the third, do a smaller project, and finish w/ a day of pampering/reading/afternoon delight w/ my man.

Jessi said...

Zo, that is excellent advice; sounds like a great plan. I think today I will plan my projects AND my rest for the week so the time doesn't slip away from me!