Wednesday, June 17, 2009

beeping and fire

Luke was just sitting on the couch with me, looking at a picture of a heart with fire on it (something left over from Valentine's day). He pointed at the heart and said "This is what is beeping inside me. It's beeping right now."

I replied "You mean your heart? It beats inside you."

"Yes," he said, "beating. But mine doesn't have fire right now. When I be mean, then the fire turns on."

Isn't it fascinating to hear the thought processes of children?


Zoanna said...

I do like their thought processes. When I was little I thought my heartbeat was JEsus knocking on the door of my heart. Wondered why, after letting him in, he kept knocking. But I"m glad He did!

Christelle Joy said...

haha very cute

Holly said...

I love it!!