Tuesday, April 14, 2009

goodbye Harry

Well, I'm not sure if my blog hiatus is officially over yet or not, but I couldn't NOT post about how sad I am about losing Harry Kalas, THE voice of the Philadelphia Phillies! I have associated that voice with baseball - and specifically the Phillies - for all my life. Even before I cared one iota about the game, I knew the voice from hearing games on radio and tv. Then, like all Phils fans, as I grew to love my team, I of course, grew to love Harry. I tried to express my disappointment over losing such a legend to my sisters yesterday...neither of whom are baseball fans...so it was totally lost on them. They didn't even know who our beloved Harry was. So, for any of my readers who share my sentiments, all I can say is that I cannot imagine what Phillies baseball will be without our Harry. Here's to the man, the legend, the voice of the Phils...he will surely be missed.

(On a brighter note, maybe the guys will be spurred on to win this season in Harry's honor!!)

So far...4-3 for 2009... here's hoping!!!


Anonymous said...

Jess- I too understand ur pain...It's almost like we lost our grandfather! Just wanted to say love ur blog too !!! Thanks for sharing !!!Jena Kennedy

Anonymous said...

Gee... I'm so surprised Bets didn't know who Harry Kalas was. Not really. :)
He will be missed at our house as well. Caleb keeps quoting him saying "Game over! The Phillies are the World Series Champions!" It makes me smile!

Jessi said...

Hey, Jena - thanks for hitting my blog!

It's nice to know a few others are feeling the loss too! (Well, I know tons of people are, just now some that I know!) :)