Sunday, March 1, 2009

welcoming march

Well, I'm not in love with my new background...I have been looking for one with crocuses - obviously, since it's March it seemed only appropriate. But until I find one, this one at least represents some sort of March theme. And it reminds me that I want to reserve some books on the 'real' St. Patrick to read with the kids this month. (I usually try to do that with whatever holidays happen to fall each month.)

I was all in the mode of being done with winter - put away all my snowmen decorations yesterday - and shifted into counting down the days til spring...and NOW we get a good snowstorm. Nice. I mean, normally I love snowstorms, and have hoped for one all winter...not just a dusting or an inch or two, but a good solid blizzard...preferably big enough to keep my hubby home from work (which basically would have to be a blizzard). Well, I guess rather than always being cranky about what I have and wanting something different, I'm just gonna choose to be happy and enjoy the beautiful blanket of whiteness that we are expecting to see in a few hours.

Happy March everyone! (So does this count as coming in like a lamb?!?!?)

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