Thursday, March 26, 2009

the way to mom's heart

My boys are definitely learning something about the way to a woman's heart...or, at least, the way to MY heart! Tonight as dinner time approached they began asking what we were doing tonight, and if we could go to Applebees for supper. I told them that we don't have any gift cards left, so it really wasn't an option. So, they decided to try a different approach. Bryce piped up with "But, we could have a family 'talk' around the table. We always talk better at the table..." Seth, picking up on where his older brother was trying to take the discussion, chimed in with "Yeah, Mom! We could talk about...your flower appointments, and...your dress for Nanny's wedding!"

I have to say, it was a valiant and creative effort on their parts, and if there were any ounce of extra money in the budget, they woulda had me (though I'm not sure their father would have been so easily convinced). But, is an assortment of random leftovers we will be dining on this evening. But, I am sure they will still gladly be up for a family 'talk' about my flower arranging and wedding attire. (Yeah, right!!)


zz said...

Wow. I am imPRESSED. They are so young to be that clever about How to Charm Mom. Not just talk, mind you, talk about Mom likes. I would
give them a fake gift card just for the effort!

Laura said...

thats awesome!

Aunt Linda said...

Your kids are all so cool. Working with them to get ready for the shower last week was precious!