Monday, January 19, 2009

hearts and hair

Wanna know what else is new around here?

Well, a few weeks ago, the boys got mohawks...

Bryce had started asking for one back in the spring, but he was having some 'attitude issues' at the time, and we had told him that until we saw a change in that, there would be no crazy hair cuts. After some time we had seen a very marked improvement, but when he asked again it was just too close to Christmas-picture time, and I told him I'd really prefer he NOT have one in our family pic that we sent out in our holiday cards. He was gracious and let it drop. After Christmas it came up again... "Mom, I've worked on my attitude, and Christmas pictures are done...NOW can I have a mohawk??" Well, I really had no reason to say no, so I got the clippers and shaved it for him; of course Seth immediately wanted to follow suit, though with a bit of difference (he wanted his down, while Bryce wanted his up).

While I really do not like the mohawk (and have voiced that to both the boys) I learned something that I've considered a valuable 'nugget' from the pastor at our old church. One time he told us, during his own sons' teenage years, that this was his philosophy: as long as his boys hearts were right and they were walking with the Lord, they could pretty much do whatever they wanted with their hair...even if it mean it was green. However, the minute they displayed a rebellious heart or other attitude problems, the 'reigns' would be pulled in and the hair went back to 'normal'. I thought that was a really wise way to approach which issues were 'hills to die on' and which were battles that really didn't matter. As my boys ask to try various crazy things - be it fashion or otherwise, I often am reminded of Pastor Barry and his sound advice.

However, to be honest...I can't wait for them to get tired of them and let me shave them off!! :/

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Laura said...

i'll have to remember that one.