Thursday, January 8, 2009


The other night for 'family night' the kids decided we should play charades. It was quite amusing, but watching Luke was downright hilarious. He basically pulled out every super-hero move and pose he knows and just kept doing them. We kept shouting out names, to which he always responded no, for about 5 full minutes, then suddenly he would randomly 'go with' someone's guess. The next time it was his turn he did the same thing. This time, in the middle of it, Todd asked Luke if he knew who he was trying to be, to which Luke responded "no". We all practically rolled on the floor laughing...he didn't even know what he was doing - he just thought it was a chance to have a captive audience for a display show of all his cool moves!

3-year olds really can be such fun!

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Holly said...

I too love having a 3 year old! But in 5 short days I'll have a 4 year old, is that as much fun?