Saturday, November 1, 2008

updates from Clemmerville

Wow, the past week and a half has been just so event-filled that I have not had a free minute to post. I'll try to give you the quick run-down...

Last Friday was "Apple Day". We made 5 1/2 bushels of apples into applesauce...90 quarts of applesauce, in fact!! It was a 'hands-on' school day that included, in addition to the apple sauce making, a few fun lessons and crafts about apples, led by another homeschooling-mom friend of mine. It was wonderful to be able to do this in Betsy's BIG new kitchen!! Here's a few pics of that.

Then, last weekend, we had our first Koinonia House ladies' retreat. Eight of us headed out for dinner at the Olive Garden and a night at Heidi's Bed & Breakfast...a wonderfully relaxing (and oh-so-affordable!) B&B owned by a pastor & his wife of a church in our network. We played some games, watched a chick-flick, and then stayed up til an outrageous hour to watch the end of the Phillies game (the game had been in a rain delay for several hours, so didn't start til around 9:30 or 10!). Needless to say there was lots of laughter, and then we had a good time worshipping together and sharing our hearts in the morning before heading home.

Monday started my week with Seth having an asthma attack. This totally caught me off-guard since he has never had breathing issues of any kind before. So Monday we made a visit to the Emergency Care center, Tuesday to our family doc, who sent us for breathing tests and bloodwork on Thursday at the hospital. The conclusion of all that is that Seth is okay, and they are testing to see if maybe the problem was triggered by seasonal allergies. (I did ask about the possibility of the attack being related to our newest 'family member' - Maggie - but the doc said the chances were slim.) All this was happening while I, myself, was sick!

Finally, last night we hosted our 3rd Annual Light in the Night. It's an event we hold at our house for the community to come and play games, have free hot dogs, popcorn and drinks, and get LOTS of candy!! While it seemed to be a bit smaller than last year, there were still probably about 40 people or so that came that were in addition to our church gang, so if even one life is touched, I consider it all worth it. Of course, for some reason my camera wouldn't work, so I wasn't able to get pics of my little Zorro, Mr. Incredible, Eagles football player or '50's girl (or me, dressed as a little girl in my PJ's and pigtails), but if I can get some from a friend I'll share them when I can.

So...that was long, but I think you're all caught up. Oh, yes, one more thing - we all basked in the joyous thrill of the Phillies BIG WIN!!!!! Everything else aside, that made it a GREAT WEEK!!!

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Bets said...

I'm so glad you blogged - I miss your updates - which is funny, cause I'm a part of what's happening in your life - but I love reading how you write about it! Great pictures too! And, spending some time reading your blog allowed me to look at your newest profile pic, and I just have to tell you that you have such a beautiful smile.
And - I love your new background!