Friday, November 21, 2008

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

The snow kept coming yesterday, off and on, and in the late afternoon it actually started to lay. (It's still snowing today, by the way.) The kids were very excited to take Maggie out in her first snow, and she was cute to watch. She sniffs it and then sort of does this snort/half sneeze to remove that which is now stuck to her snout. Pretty comical.
Til last night there was enough snow on the ground to crunch under my feet when I took Mags out for her final 'potty' of the night. I love being out in the still darkness of a snowy night. It also makes me REALLY excited for the holidays. This is one of my most favorite times of the year...maybe the most favorite, although it's a definitely a toss-up between the holidays and summer (summer's longer, warmer, no school, vacation - and of course, baseball - so I'd be really torn to have to choose one or the other). But there's just something so peaceful about the holidays and winter and snow. Just makes me want to be very still and quiet and savor every moment.

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Aunt Linda said...

Ya know, Jess, I believe that our love of Christmas is a heritage from at least your Grandmother...and perhaps even back further than her. I recall, as a child, how Grandma always made the holidays SO special!! We always bought our tree on my birthday (2 weeks before Christmas), then we had to let it "drop" for a day or two...which I think was really just giving her time to get the living room ready. Grandpa was grumpy (but you could tell it was a fake grump) about Christmas. I remember Grandma working late, late into the evenings to finish the beautiful dresses she made for us & our dolls. I remember her crying because "there isn't enough money", but you know, I don't recall EVER feeling like we had less of a Christmas than anyone else! It really was all about family.

I believe her wish would have been for all her children to feel the same warm excitement of the holidays and pass it on to their children. I'd say she was pretty successful, wouldn't you?

Can't wait to see you soon!!
Love you all!