Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday

So much for my plan to sleep in this morning...I forgot to tell Todd not to set my alarm (we share an alarm and gets up first, then sets it to mine), AND apparently the children did not want the chance to sleep in...they were up at normal time, so we basically started school same time as usual. Oh, well...we're only one more day away from a weekend.

I visited another blog today who also does "Thankful Thursday" and realized "Wow, I haven't done that for weeks!!", and especially today, in the midst of my Eeyore-ish mood, I need to choose to have a thankful heart. So here goes...

  1. Friends who put up with my moaning, and are even willing to say to me "you know that's not reality, right?". Now THAT's love...
  2. Friends who knew exactly what I needed today...kind words and - CHOCOLATE!!! (and a few other special items...thanks!)
  3. My precious children who try to be so caring and sensitive to me when I'm in a funk. They really try their best to keep their attitudes in check and go out of their way to do 'special' things for me
  4. My husband, who is unshaken by my emotional mood swings
  5. Scented candles
  6. Having enough finances to feed my family, but not so much that I'm freaking out about the 'economic crisis' the past two weeks
  7. Cooler weather - I'm finally ready to welcome fall!
  8. Sweatshirts - my staple clothing item for that cooler weather!
  9. Bets's family FINALLY being 'in' their new house!!
  10. God's unwavering presence, love and grace in my life

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Holly said...

I'm with you on 2 particular items today - #2 and #10. I think God knew just what he was doing when he gave me David - SO STABLE! Where would I be if it wasn't for God's unwavering presence, love and grace in my life?! that's a thought that could bring on the Eeyore-ish mood, isn't it?!?!