Tuesday, September 9, 2008

let the fun begin

Well, here's where the fun begins. This is the official beginning of my 'week of craziness'. I'll be leaving by 8 a.m. today to head to our Lancaster meeting day - but first I get to see my sister's new house - well, at least 3/4 of it!! 3 out of the 4 pieces arrived yesterday, I believe the last one comes today and it all gets put together on Thursday. But my baby sister finally got to stand in her dream kitchen - now a reality 9+ years in the making! If you'd like to follow the whole amazing process of a house being 'delivered' and 'put together' you can check out the photo journaling of it over at her blog www.bets-morethanmom.blogspot.com.

We'll be trying to keep up with school this week, help out at the new house, do laundry and pack for vacation - and oh, yes, sneak in a quick trip to NYC over the next few days... so watch for updates of my excitement, but don't be too surprised if I don't have a spare minute to post until AFTER the festivities are done...

See ya on the flip side!


Holly said...

YIPPEE!! Living the exciting life thru you this week! Keep the info coming!

Zoanna said...

Goodie for her! And I love your new blog look. Just LUV it!