Thursday, August 21, 2008

THANKFUL (that) THURSDAY (is over)

I've had a rather aggravating day - nothing major - just a bunch of minor irritations, so I thought it was probably pretty important for me to remember to do Thankful Thursday to day and try to shake off my resulting crankiness from the day.

  1. My house - even though I feel like it needs to be about twice its size!
  2. My car - at least I have one to sit in 30 minutes of a traffic jam!
  3. My kids - some people desperately want what I have and can't, so I truly am thankful for them!
  4. My washing machine - I wouldn't want to be washing the mountains of laundry I have by hand!!
  5. The prospect of a fresh start of a new school year - even if my materials aren't here yet!
  6. My husband - even if we barely have time to talk, we can at least fall into bed together at night.
  7. Skinless boneless chicken breasts - for days when dinner needs to be fast and easy!
  8. Playstation and computers - for when I really just need them to go away from me (even though I really, really love them - occasionally I just need a half hour - or more.)
  9. Chocolate - because it just makes me feel better.
  10. My Savior - because no matter how frustrating my day's been, I am never without hope.

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