Friday, August 15, 2008

slug love

Tonight we (meaning my entire family) witnessed something gross and disturbing. (I'm not going to say blatently what it was because I don't want to attract any unseemly visitors to my site through any searches involving certain this will all be very vague, but I'm sure you can get the point). Of course, the younger children didn't realize just how disturbing it was...though Kate definitely 'got' what was going on!! At first we weren't sure, but then we thought, "yep, that must be what happened". It was hilarious to hear the boys completely, innocently naive suggestions of what they thought we were seeing (including "maybe they are fighting!"), and to watch Kate practically die in fits of giggles while giving us 'knowing' glances (probably feeling very grown up, being 'in on' the adult understanding). After the boys were in bed, we Googled "slugs" and found this disgusting information on Wikipedia. When we read it Kate was like "Eeeewww...don't read it out loud!!! Ahhhhh!!!" There was also a video on YouTube of the exact thing we witnessed, but I don't want to post any links to that because it also brought up lots of other trash that I didn't want to be responsible for leading anyone to.

We took tons of pictures, though the one posted here (also from Wikipedia) is much clearer than ours (it was dark outside, so it was hard to get enough light for the pic). It was a great science lesson I guess. I'm much more acquainted with slugs than I ever cared to be, that's for sure!!


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zoanna said...

Sick. If you can say, what's the clear basket-looking thingy? I couldn't get the pic to enlarge. Maybe I really don't want to know. ???

Jessi said...

Well, Zo...I don't want to go into the details, but if you click on the Wikipedia link it explains it all IN DETAIL there...(too much detail, actually!) :op