Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a bat-tastic party

Last night we celebrated Seth's 6th birthday (which was actually on Monday). I asked him what he wanted to do for his b-day celebration (secretly/silently hoping he wouldn't say a 'friend party' - Bryce only just had his first one this year. I'm not big into lots of kids in one place...especially that I'm responsible for entertaining!). Anyway, thankfully he thought for a moment and said that he really just wanted to have his cousins, so I was totally on board! That, and he wanted a "Batman" theme. No prob.

Below you'll find the pics...including a surprise guest...a bat. I know, I am an amazing mom to go as far as to have live bats at the Batman party, YEAH, RIGHT!! I was opening our patio umbrella...stuck my head up inside to make sure it was moving up right...when something dropped from inside the top to right in front of my face. It took a second for it to register what it was, and then about a nano-second for me to jump 10 feet from the thing and yell for Todd!!

Apparently our patio has an open invitation for disgusting creatures right now!! Anyway, Todd took lots of pics of it, then poked it a bit til it flew out - and planted itself in the rafters of the carport where we were having the party! Nice. The furry varmint finally left, and all us females breathed a sigh of relief; they just creep me out!!
The uninvited, but theme appropriate, guest:
Pin the Bat Signal on Gotham City:
Even 'Batman-blue' Gatorade:
The Bat-cake (figuratively, of course):
The crew (these are only the children of me & my 2 sisters!
And there are more, not pictured):The much-wanted guitar
(he wants to start lessons):Though it's not real, at least it's a puppy!


Holly said...

Looks like a good time for sure - especially after your furry friend left!

Anonymous said...

wow looks like such a fun party!! i'm so glad you guys had a good time! i hate bats though. my brother took a baseball bat to one once....and i hid under a mattress hahah

Ainsley said...

Gross! At first I thought it was fake - you know, part of the decor. As an intuitive I always read from bottom to top so I saw the pictures first. So glad he didn't stick around.

Looks like it was a fun time, though. My boys would love a Batman-themed party!