Thursday, July 10, 2008

rough night

Last night I had to go into the boys' room in the middle of the night because Seth was up, yet again, dreaming. He seems to have a lot of sleep problems including just being generally disoriented and upset, not even being able to tell me who I am even though he's looking at me. It's very frustrating. He can even be up, walking around, talking (though he's usually crying or at least wimpering), yet be unable to really explain what he's dreaming or feeling or thinking...and has absolutely no recollection of it in the morning. (However, this has never happened while he was sleeping away anywhere - so no worries to Aunt Bets or Nan - whichever one of you ends up having him this weekend!)

Anyway, when I went in to the boys room, I also found Luke in a position that I've happened upon more than once in my mid-night visits to their room. This time I just couldn't resist and had to take a picture.
It may be time to move out of the toddler bed, as he apparently needs more room! However, we don't have room for another 'big' bed in that room, so until we can get the downstairs bedroom framed out and walled up, (and who knows when that will be!!) he'll just have to make do! Poor little (but growing!) guy!!


Bets said...

Too cute! Both Lil and Joelle do the same thing!

Briana Almengor said...

I think Garrett and Brandon used to do the sleep terror/walking thing when they were little. Maybe it's in the clemmer genes. We usually would just lead them to a toilet; they would pee while they wimpered and then lead them back to bed and that was that. It was always a very weird experience for the rest of us, too.

Holly said...

Poor Seth! I hope he grows out of that soon! Bless his heart! I love the picture of Luke! I love how kids can just sleep anywhere!

Anonymous said...

aww he's so cute!