Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary Koinonia House!!

I really have had nothing important or witty to say, so even though I've thought about blogging the past 2 days, I haven't. My life has pretty much been mundane...laundry, picking up the house (seems like I do that 10x a day!!), running kids here and know - "mom stuff".

I have, however, in the midst of all the blah-ness of my daily stuff had some good conversations with various people in our church that have enabled me to learn a bit more about them, and a bit about myself too. I really appreciate everyone in our church, and the uniqueness that they in some way add to our little community. I love having relationships where I can just be myself, and be accepted for who I am. I know of so many pastor's wives who have to be/act a certain way, do certain things just because they are the 'pastor's wife'. Thankfully I can honestly say that I never feel this kind of pressure from any of the people at Koinonia House. I've always felt encouragement and support in my giftings, and release from expectation of things that others think I should do. (In fact, sometimes they have to be firm with me to release myself from unnecessary expectations!!)

I know in the course of our 3 years tomorrow (Wow, just realized that!! Happy Anniversary KH!!) of church planting we have hit a lot of really rough spots and make a lot of mistakes. I'm amazed and thankful at the love, forgiveness and just general graciousness people have extended toward us. I know we have a committed bunch who are in this thing together for the long haul. Sometimes my irrational side takes over, and I get nervous about silly things...those of you who know me probably could easily name a few...but deep down I know the truth is that we are really bonded together as brothers and sisters, and committed to working things out and seeing things through, even when the going gets tough.

It feels really good to sit and ponder this journey we've been on - not that it's all been good - we've experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly!! - but when it comes down to it, we are building on a foundation that is solidly rooted in relationship - first with Jesus, second with each other. Contrary to sarcastic comments that occasionally fly out of my mouth (which I apologize for), there is TRULY no place else I'd rather be.

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Koinonia House...I love each one of you and thank you for all you bring to our body, and look forward to all that God still has in store for us!!


Holly said...

We pray for you all often and will continue to do so as I know the Lord is doing and will continue to do amazing things in your Body!

Briana Almengor said...

That really is a mark of God's grace to have a church plant that is on its 3rd anniversary. Bask in the goodness of God today!

Laura said...

yeah, most church plants have been disbanded by now... we do have a great group of people.

Christelle Joy said...

yay for Koinonia! ahah

jen lehman said...

thanks for your thoughts on church planting ~ you said exactly what is on my heart....recently I've been wondering why we're doing what we're doing :) God has placed around us an incredible group of people also who are committed for the long haul....and all those expectations...well I place many on myself, I remember Laverne Krieder telling me on the day we commissioned out - remember you are "Jen" not the "pastor's wife" :) Congratulations on 3 years!! We'll be praying for you!!