Tuesday, June 24, 2008

dried-palm green (that's the color...)

It's been quite a while since I posted, due to the fact that we've been going non-stop since last weekend!! I simply haven't had the time to post, but once I get a few minutes, I'll be sure to post about the boys' All-Star game last Saturday. For now, I'll give a quick update on where all my time is going currently.

Yesterday I began the job of painting my bedroom. After being in our house a mere 2 1/2 years, I am slowly but surely working at making my home what I'd like it to be. (Though, I can only actually attack the 'lesser' of the projects; the bigger things I'd like to do would require my husband to do them, and he truly doesn't have the time - nor the desire, for the most part - to jump on my 'renovation bandwagon'.) Anyway, as I was saying...

If you've been a reader of this blog for an extended period of time, you may remember my other painting projects that I've undertaken in the past. If not, or if you don't recall, let's just say I don't seem to have the easiest time or best 'luck' with such undertakings. It seems so simple and uncomplicated in the beginning, and yet I always manage to have the worst time of it!

Yesterday actually went very well, as all the kids were disbursed - thanks to Grammy and Aunt Bets - and my friends Kate & Laura came to help me out. I started on the job at 6 a.m. sharp and got lots done.

Then there was today, which for the most part felt like an exercise in futility. I had run out of the paint I'm using for the walls, went to get more, the guy had trouble matching the color, but said he got it and left me know where to pick it up. Unfortunately, what he didn't tell me was that he had not screwed the lid on (silly me, assuming the lid would be on tight when I picked up the paint...) Suffice it to say there was an incident with dried-palm-green paint on the floor in Wal-Mart. Then, there was the issue of still not being enough, a second trip to the store, only to be told they had just run out (as in the hour before) of the base needed to mix more for me. Aarrgghhh...

I decided to move on to the trim in the afternoon, and as I was painstakingly trying to paint the baseboard without getting it on carpet (quite a trick, I must say) I was grumbling inwardly. As I was doing so I suddenly remembered my sister, who is so patiently waiting on God to give her a house...and was brought up short. I realized how rotten my attitude was, and that I needed to be thankful to at least have a house to be painting. So I made a conscious effort to try to change my attitude. (I didn't exactly succeed with flying colors, but it was a little better at least.)

So now, I must be off to dreamland so I can wake up with hopefully renewed vigor and a better attitude to finish (*she says optimistically*) the job tomorrow!


Laura said...

i;m crossing my fingers for you!

Jimmy DeWan said...

i will pray everything gets done.

Holly said...

The job of painting is totally the worst job to be done in a house in my opinion! I truly HATE it! I love picking colors and thinking about how pretty it will be when it's done, and then I start thinking about who we can get to actually do the painting!

More power to ya, and I just know that today will be YOUR DAY to get it done!