Thursday, February 28, 2008


This, my friends, is a beautiful sight. It almost brings a tear to my eye.

I was trying to get a basket of laundry folded today (the same one I've been meaning to get to for days now...), and I had offered Luke that he could help if he wanted. I no sooner sat down to begin folding and got called away to help someone with a school question. When I walked back through the living room I saw this pile of folded towels,

and knew I hadn't folded them. I was astonished! I asked Luke if he had folded all this, and he simply replied "yes". I asked him to show me how and got the full demonstration! Yep, this is goooood info to know - and thus, the 3-year-old gets added to the chore chart! Oh, yeah!


Anonymous said...

Luke must want something? What do you think? Jimmy DeWan. Thats nice he helped without you saying a word.

Briana Almengor said...

That is so sweet...not just that you get to hand over another chore (b/c that is why we have kids after all, right?) but that he had such a servant's heart in helping you out.

Laura said...

that is cute... but maybe jimmy is right, maybe he wants candy or something... and you put him on the chore list ;) just kidding :) I actually remember being little and INSISTING that i could do the dishes. It was so much fun to do a real job that grown ups did. duh- 6 months later I was wishing I hadn't been so insistent that i wanted to do it. Oh well, my mom woulda given me the job sooner or later anyways.

sigh... my little lukie is growing up. *tear*

Bets said...

HOW PRECIOUS! I love it.