Saturday, February 2, 2008

I am blessed

Just watched this movie.

I've had it for months now, but the mood just never struck me to sit down and watch it. But tonight we did, and I was moved. Moved to deep appreciation and thankfulness to God, who has met my every need. I have never gone hungry, my children have never not had a bed to sleep in; we have never been without a home. I have always been warm, dry and safe. I was reminded how much of the world lives a very different reality. It brings me up short when I think how much and how often I complain or lament the things I don't have. The true, deep reality is that I have never been in want...not really. So many of the things that I have I take for if I deserve them, am entitled to them, or have earned them. But the reality of it all, is that I am blessed. Profoundly blessed...I need to learn to keep that in the front of my mind, and thank God daily for all the countless things that others don't have that I take for granted.


Laura said...

amen sista soul!

Jenni said...

My husband got me the movie for Christmas and we haven't watched it yet - maybe we can get a night this week to watch it. Looks great