Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It seems like the flu bug is on a rampage. Last night one couple from our small group called to say they wouldn't make it to our meeting because their little guy had a fever, and the daddy of the family had just come home feeling achy himself.

Then my sister's family ended up having to head out early because 2 of her girls ended up with fevers; she's at the end of her rope with all the sickness - they've had something almost constantly for the better part of 3 weeks!! She almost was in tears last night to realize they were still battling, after she thought they were just coming out of it.

And, sadly, my family did not escape the attack this time. 3 out of 4 Clemmer children were up in the night; 2 had/have fevers. And I'm battling something nasty trying to take root at the bottom of my throat.

So, we're doubling up on vitamin C, echineacea, throwing in some ibuprofen, and LOTS of prayers!!


Anonymous said...

i will be praying for you guys. Hope you get well soon. Love you and miss you. Jimmy DeWan

Bets said...

Sorry to hear that you're joining us - I hope they didn't get it from us. Right now, Anna, Joelle and Eva are all down.

Briana Almengor said...

we're in the same boat...I'm just resigning myself to the fact that we'll all have some funky sickness until April or May. I've got weird symptoms in my mouth and throat for 3 days now, and my son (who just got over 2 weeks of flu like symptoms) woke up again last night w/ a low grade fever and congestion. It's just a rough winter for sure.
WIll be praying for you and your clan.

Kristine said...

Our boys and Bets' girls must have shared on Friday night when they were here... 2 of my boys have had fevers since Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Theo has a fever, runny nose and cough... started yesterday. Heather says it is going through her daycare right now, too. One parent told her that after trying for two weeks to get the fever to stay down in her son, the doctor told them to stop the fever reducers and let it run it's course. Not sure the outcome of that.
So I say the line is drawn here _______ no more!