Monday, February 25, 2008

all in due time

This morning as I laid in bed, trying to convince myself to get up and start my cleaning/schooling/errands, I could tell it was sunny outside by the rays peeking around the edges of the drawn shades. While I was thankful for the brightness instead of dull gray (which, of late, has been such a mood-dampener for me), what I was really thinking was "Oh, God - can't we just have spring?!?!" While I tried to re-adjust my mindset to not get in a frustrated funk over the cold weather, abounding sickness and still-wet spots in my family room (every time there's any amount of flooding our carpet gets wet spots all over) - I heard a bird chirping outside my window! Not a usual mid-winter occurance for sure! I took it as gift from the Father - a reassurance, that, while it wasn't quite His time to give me my 'wish', he knows my desires and was reminding me, "All in due time, daughter."

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