Monday, January 7, 2008

photo collage

Need an idea for what to do with all those great holiday photo cards you got? Here's what I do with mine, and it's become quite the conversation piece whenever people come over. I tape all the photos to the family room door, collage-style. I start at the beginning of the year with all the holiday photo cards we received, and then keep adding to it whenever we get school pics, birthday pics, etc. from friends and family throughout the rest of the year (I also include the yearly photo of the Compassion child we sponsor). It's always fun to answer questions about who these folks are and how we know them, and I don't feel bad tossing the cards, that I so appreciated, but I'm not one for photo never quite knew what to do with!

(Lest you think me wonderfully creative and resourceful...this idea came from Laverne Krieder. Thanks Laverne!)

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