Sunday, January 27, 2008

feelin' better & comin' back!

Thanks for the prayers everyone...we are, thankfully, getting better. Today was still rough, but better than last night, and I'm hoping that tomorrow will find all of us (Luke seems to be fighting the same cold) even more on the mend.

I couple people have asked me about the pics I post, so for any bloggers out there, here's what I do.

First of all, the things on my sidebar (the devotions one, and the 'beloved' one are from the Christian Women Online site. You can go there, and they have different 'buttons' to choose from, and the code typed out below it. You can copy and paste it in the template widgets on your blogger dashboard.

In my individual posts, I usually just do an image search, like in Google images or on Flickr. com. When I find one I like, I right click on it and choose 'save image as' and save it to a file I created just for my blog photos. Then, in my actual post, I click the 'add image' button and upload it there. After that, you can move it around or whatever for where you want it to land it your post (this can be tricky).

That's about it! Have fun!

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