Monday, December 10, 2007

the weekend

We had a very full and busy weekend that has left me feeling so good, such a feeling of accomplishing things and getting somewhere. It wasn't a lot of 'task' type stuff (like my house is no where near totally cleaned up, and I am hosting a tea next weekend, so that NEEDS to get done this week! And Christmas shopping - barely started, but we are planning to knock that out next weekend when we go away for our anniversary...) But there was a lot of relational stuff that I needed to focus on and take care of, as well as some 'church stuff' that needed to be addressed, and finally was. I feel like a good shift is taking place in my life and we are starting to make time for the important things. The family is already anticipating family night tomorrow, and I'm glad to see their excitement.

Last night's message took truths from It's a Wonderful Life, and it's amazing the parallel God showed me between Isaiah 9 and the plot of the movie. I may try to post a brief overview of the message over at Koinos, so if you're interested you can check it out there. (But don't look for it until later today as I have to get moving with some other things this morning and probably won't have time to post it until later in the day). I prayed that God would have the exact people hear the message that needed to. We also had several visitors last night because we had a baby dedication, so my hope is that God spoke to someone's heart...but if not, he still spoke to mine, for which I am grateful.


Anonymous said...

have an awesome weekend. Love ya,Jimmy DeWan

Sue @ Praise and Coffee said...

Hi Jessi,
I am still very green when it comes to decorating my blog.
I have been learning by trial and error.

For my header I found a picture I liked at, purchased it and then opened it up in Photoshop to add the words.

I then saved it on Photobucket and installed it. I don't know if I could help someone install theres- I just happened to figure out exactly where it goes in the html.

Whatever you do- make sure you save your html before you change anything.

When you are working on it, feel free to email me if you want, I'll try to help if I can!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!