Wednesday, December 19, 2007

holiday FUN!

We had to change family night to Monday this week; we did our annual 'sleep-in-the-livingroom-with-the-tree-lights-on' night. We dragged out the futon mattress, sleeping bags, pillows and all snuggled up to watch "The Nativity Story" together. It was a pretty good movie - some parts were a little scary for Seth & Luke (like when Herods soldiers are going house to house to kill all the baby boys...), and we did have to have an interesting discussion about circumcision as a result of one scene... but it was all good.

I'm now trying to tie-up the final details of getting ready for Christmas... have a few more things to post from this week, but not sure if time will allow. Hope you all aren't so busy with the holidays that you aren't being able to enjoy them. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to keep reflection and enjoyment central to all that I'm scurry around doing. To be completely honest, I don't think I won that battle today, but tomorrow's a new day, so I can start with a fresh effort.

Remember to have fun!!


Bets said...

I'm with ya, the busyness beat out the enjoyment today, looking forward to a new day... hope tomorrow is brighter for you as well!

Aunt Linda said...

What a GREAT idea!! I love it!! Wish I would have thought of that myself when my girls were younger.

zz said...

My kids, too, love to sleep under the tree lights once before Christmas Eve. WE also this tradition of taking turns reading a couple chapters from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever every night till we're finished. Have you read it? Skinny little paperback; you'll laugh so hard and cry, too. Thanks for the reminder to have fun. I am, actually. I've had a change of attitude, but would still like to take time separate from December to dwell on the nativity of Christ.