Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the boring details of my life...

Had fun with the Play Doh tonight and then watched the old version of Miracle on 34th Street with the fam. I needed to for the next part of my series, but we realized that both versions of the movie that we have are on video, and ironicially, both our VCR's died last week. So Todd made a quick WalMart run for what we thought was going to be a cheap VCR...apparently they don't sell them anymore. So we had to spend a little more than we wanted to, but apparently what we got is a digital DVD/VCR combo, and suddenly we have a whole bunch more channels! (We're a non-cable household, so more than 5 or 6 channels is a BIG deal to us!). Weird, not to mention going to make the December TV-cutback a little tougher! (We've decided that for this month, the TV isn't going on unless it's something special we are watching as a family, like a holiday movie or show, and it's going really well.) Oh, well, I have more than enough to keep me busy, that's for sure! I've been cleaning like a madwoman, and MAN does it feel good! I cleaned out/organized the laundry room yesterday, today the family room and started the boys room. Tomorrow I continue my quest to conquer the laundry, dust and other random messes!

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Aunt Linda said...

There is something EXTREMELY satisfying about getting some major housework done...especially when there are kiddos around! YOU GO GIRL!!!
Love y'all!