Wednesday, November 28, 2007

15 years strong

We had a WONDERFUL anniversary last night. My mom took the kids, and we stayed home and had a nice, extremely quiet, relaxing dinner. I think I lit almost every candle I own (plus a few of Betsy's), put on some nice music, and made a really good (if I do say so myself) dinner. Actually, there wasn't that much cooking involved, but it was a good meal. We had shrimp cocktail, crusty french bread with a balsamic and basil dipping oil, spring mix salad, and crab alfredo over angel hair pasta. It took me about half an hour to throw the meal part together. I spent all day setting up the 'ambiance'. Totally worth it - I think it was way better than going out for dinner. AND to top it all off - my hubby brought me flowers and a card - and in the card he had written this note:
"PS - Would you like to go to Hillside Farm B&B December 14-16? If not, I'll be lonely there!"

Hillside is our FAVORITE B&B ever, and we are going for 2 nights!! Woo hoo! I'm so excited - can't wait!!!

Yeah, this definitely might top of the list of really GOOD anniversaries!!

On a more contemplative note, we talked about how things were the same and how they were different for us now than 15 years ago (the obvious 4 children aside!) I think it's good to reflect like that now and again - it reminds us to appreciate the good, and be aware of and work on things that might have gotten lost in the shuffle of life and need some attention. Thankfully, when we took 'inventory' I think we are coming out strong on the positive side!! And occasional evenings like last night are vital, at least for us, in keeping things healthy and vibrant!


Ainsley said...

Happy Anniversary! 15 years, wow. Did you get married when you were like 15?!

Zoanna said...

Congratulations. Sounds like you went "all out" w/o going out at all?:) I need to do something like that for my hubby after his audit next week.