Monday, October 1, 2007

outreach night

Such a full weekend. After seeing Kate perform her colonial dances (see post below) we had about the best 'outreach' event we've done at Koinonia House. It didn't take hours and hours of planning, and didn't make a big dent in the church budget. Wanna know how we did it? We simply did SOMETHING - went somewhere, got together with some people - that was outside our normal 'circles'. We prayed about stretching ourselves out of our comfort zone and reaching out to people that might not know God, or needed ministry, or go hang out at a place and be aware of the people around us. Some people did this in small groups, some individually. At the same time, some of us gathered to pray for those that were 'out and about'. We heard very exciting stories come out of this evening (that I will share soon) and it really excited us. I'll post more about this great weekend tomorrow, but for now, I must hit the sack!

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