Sunday, September 23, 2007

gripped my heart

There were many things that gripped my heart this week while we were away. One, repeatedly, was the magnificence of the ocean. These lines from the song "Praise Adonai" kept running through my head...
Who is like Him
The Lion and the Lamb
Seated on the throne
Mountains bow down
Every ocean roars
To the Lord of hosts

Of course there was also the beautiful sunset we saw from the boardwalk, and the sheer joy and sense of contentment I felt at watching my children and husband playing together against the backdrop of ocean and sand.

But there was a moment when my heart was gripped with sadness at the volumes that were spoken about the state of marriage in our time as we passed this office. Such a distortion of the image given to represent Christ & the Church.

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Zoanna said...

How sad that last picture. The price of a marriage, who can place it?