Wednesday, August 8, 2007

sleepin' like a baby

Exciting night...made a trip to Target and got not only a new mattress pad, but also a new pillow and alarm clock too!! (If you remember my post from a while back, I believe all 3 of those things were on my list!) I checked out the feather pillows, but they really weren't what I remembered my childhood pillow being (which was very full & dense...these seemed to squish flat really fast) so I went with the 'very firm for side-sleepers'. We were in the bedding aisle getting the mattress pad, which is the 'coolmax' for my husband who always has a problem with roasting in bed (this pad's claim to fame is 80% cotton, 20% coolmax cover - "breathable COOLMAX fabric keeps you cool and wicks away moisture") when I very demurely asked if I could also get a new pillow (and admittedly batted my eyelashes a bit). Not sure he picked up on the eyelashes, but he did say "yeah" right away. I said "Oh, I love you," to which he responded "What, am I not seeing the price or something??" But no, I was just excited; I think it actually only cost a whopping $9.99.

We also got a new alarm clock to replace the 15-year old cassette player one we were using - I think because the only radio station that came in clearly that you were sure would be there to wake you when it was supposed to was country music, and we were both sick of waking up to that every morning. I think now we'll be hearing some David Crowder, or maybe even Kutless, to greet the morn.

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Bets said...

Congrats on your new items!