Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ratatouille & Jesus in the Temple

Tonight was a good night. We took the kids to see 'Ratatouille' at the 'cheap' theater in Boyertown (only $3 a ticket!). The movie was ok; gotta admit I was sort of disappointed. I had very high expectations because I've LOVED all the other Pixar movies. So tonight's flick wasn't bad, it just didn't meet my expectations. But it was a milestone in the sense that we were able to take ALL the kids and they made it through the entire movie without any crying or other major snafus. This was a first!

When we got home the kids were getting ready for bed and Bryce told me he wanted to read a little bit before he went to bed. While I should have been happy that he wanted to read of his own initiative, I was rather suspicious that it was just a ploy to stay up a little longer. I asked what he wanted to read and he held up his Bible. OK, what kind of mother would actually tell her son he wasn't allowed to read his Bible before bed?? So I consented; I figured either he really wanted to and that in itself was a wonderful thing, or he'd end up getting frustrated at wrestling with some big words and it would soon be done anyway. (Oh me of little faith, huh?) Anyway, I sat down with him, Seth and Lukey laying with us on the floor to listen, and he read a few verses from Ephesians 1. (That's where it was open to, so I had assumed that's where he was planning to read from.) After a few verses he said, "Actually Mom, I was going to read something from Luke." "Oh," I replied. "What were you looking for in Luke?" "I don't know," he said. He quickly found the book of Luke and began randomly paging through. "I'm going to start here," he said and just pointed to the top of the page. It just 'happened' to be the story of Jesus when he was 12, in the Temple. Great food for thought for him - Jesus as a boy - AND (bonus for me) I was sure to point out to him that it said Jesus went home and was obedient to his parents!! Seriously though, how 'random' is it that he would just pick THAT story to read; I think the Spirit was stirring in his heart and directing him, even though it seems to fit the classic "don't" of 'Ways to Read Your Bible" - the 'ol "Open & Point". I think when you're 7, God will use any method to speak to you! Oh, wait, I guess maybe you don't even have to be 7 for that...

Looking forward to conversation continuing tomorrow about how God can speak to & through us, as demonstrated by the story tonight, no matter what our age.

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