Sunday, August 12, 2007

MY American Girl doll

Here's Kate in her colonial garb (I had hoped to get some more/better pics, but we were a little bit rushed) at an event she participated in at the Historic White Horse Inn (Berks County, PA) today. The other woman in the picture is my Aunt Peggy (Kaitlyn's great-aunt) who is very involved in historical things all around the area, and has really encouraged Kate in getting involved.

My 'doll' loves anything colonial, but even she wasn't thrilled to be quite so authentically dressed in today's heat! I'm thinking I would love to take her to Williamsburg around Christmas time...that's something that would take a bit of finagling, but...maybe she'd like that AS her Christmas gift... I know she'd absolutely be in heaven!

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Anonymous said...

Kate looks all grown up. Jimmy DeWan