Wednesday, August 15, 2007

button blankie

Seth is turning 5 this Saturday. He started kindergarten this week. He's hot on the trail of catching his big brother in height, and he's got a good arm when it comes to football. The picture to the left is Seth's 'button-blankie'. When Seth was a baby he LOVED to feel buttons. If two people offered to hold him, he would check first to see if one of them had buttons, and that's who he would choose to go to. Sometimes he would choose someone over me, simply on the basis of buttons alone. He would just play with the button, touching it, rolling it between his fingers, whatever. And he would get very relaxed. So Nanny (my mom) had the idea to make him this button blankie one year for Christmas. She took random sized and shaped buttons, with different textures and sewed them onto this small piece of cloth. Seth loved it. He still sleeps with it. Yesterday he brought it to me to fix because one of the buttons came off. It got me thinking back to when he was a baby, and how quickly he's grown into this 'big boy' that started school on Monday!! Seth has always been my most 'lovey' kid...he's a snuggler to this day. (I think I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this one when he hits his teens!!) I'm glad for these reflective moments that remind me to enjoy 'em while I've got 'em cuz they won't be here forever!

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea Seth still liked/used his button blankie. I'm so thrilled to know that. Also, I'm waiting to enlarge Bryce's blankie whenever you can get it to me. I am so happy the kids really do like the blankies Nanny made for them. Love you all always!! Love, Nanny