Friday, July 27, 2007

operation love-your-sibling

By way of update, I had a VERY pleasant day with the kids today. They played very well together...Bryce even VOLUNTEERED to help Kate clean the bathrooms so that she could come out to the pool with him sooner. Earlier they did some games on the computer TOGETHER, and are now very agreeably getting ready to watch a movie TOGETHER that they both AGREED on!! Will miracles never cease... But seriously, I'm thankful to see the change so quickly, and I think they really do love each other, I just need to be diligent on keeping on top of the attitude thing. I think also they've been given too many today lunch went very smoothly because they had NO choice - I made lunch, served it, they all ate together and it went very well. I didn't ask anyone what they wanted...they simply all got cheese sandwiches and that was that! I think I'm gonna keep cutting back on their choices a bit til they have better attitudes. I realize so much of this is my own fault for being lax in so many ways. But I'm re-grouping, and looking forward to the new school year as a fresh start.

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