Thursday, July 12, 2007

and from a bigger Clemmer...

Kate felt left out that I didn't quote her, so here's one of hers from last week at the library:

Librarian: "Do you know about our summer reading program?"

Kate: "No."

Librarian: "Are you interested in hearing about it?" (ever-so-sweetly)

Kate: "No, not really." (Politely, but firmly.)

Librarian: (Taken aback) "Oh, ok. Well...I get paid to tell you mom about it at least..." She proceeded to tell me all about it. At the end she mentioned that at the end of summer, the BIG drawing is for a laptop.

Kate: (Just tuning back in...) "Did you say a laptop???"

That was last Thursday; in the past week she's read 26 qualifying books(books 50-100 pages count as 2, 150-200 count as 3, etc., so it's not actually been 26, they've mostly just been bigger books).

Apparently a little (or big) incentive goes a long way.

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