Wednesday, May 9, 2007

1 down, only 49 to go!!!!!

I am SO excited (yes, again...I guess I'm easily excitable)!! Today our first $1,000 check came in for our Facility Fund Drive!! From a totally unexpected source...I love when that happens. I can very easily go into overdrive trying to make things happen, but I really need to slow down (breathe...) and remember that I have to be faithful with my part, but it's really only God who makes stuff come together, because it's all about Him!

Anyway, 1 down, only 49 to go!! Maybe we need to start a campaign (can you hear the Superman-esque background music)...only 49 slots left!! Don't wait! Get in on the action one of the few, the valued, the 'Supporters of Koinonia House'! OK, this is getting cheesier by the line...

As for the 'doing my part' - we are starting our lemonade/iced tea stand this weekend at Glick's Greenhouse in Oley, PA for any of you locals who might want to stop by and support us that way (and pick up some pretty nice plants at the same time!). Also, mark your calendars for the Super-Sized Yard Sale on Saturday, May 26 (also being held at Glick's Greenhouse). In addition to great bargains, we will have snow cones, face painting and more! Hope you can make it!!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get the rest of the money. I will keep praying. Jimmy DeWan

Zoanna said...

I wish I COULD make it. I love attending yard sales. Getting ready for them and taking them down is quite the chore, but with a fun team of Christian sibs, it becomes quite a memory. Take pics!
Have you advertised in a big paper? The die-hards read those and plan their Saturday accordingly. They want to go to SuperSize ones like yours! We found baked goods were a big hit, and its' one way ppl can help out if they can't in other ways. We had a couple of balloon bouquets for color and festivity. I wish we'd had music, too, but I was too tired to delegate that or do it myself. Several customers gave generously above the "sale price' when they need it was for a good 'cause."