Thursday, April 26, 2007

happy birthday to me!

Yesterday I effectively wasted an entire day surfing the internet. Well, actually, I spent several hours watching 'mini-movies' from Worshiphouse Media...they're the kind of video clips that you can download to go w/sermons, etc. Some of them were HILARIOUS! So I annoyed several of my friends by sending multiple links for them to watch...just wanna share the joy! I read blogs and posted comments at my leisure.

Anyway, WHY - you ask did I waste an entire day? HOW could I possibly afford to do this?? Well, it was my birthday, and I just decided in morning that, other than the 'necessaries' of keeping the children fed, diapers changed, etc., I was taking the day OFF! I left the kids play and run wild - and the house showed it. I didn't work on any of the fundraiser letters or other church administration. I didn't load the dishwasher or fold the laundry. (I did however shower and do a load of wash because my husband took me out for dinner, so I needed to smell good and have clothes to wear...)

And ya know what... even without me doing anything productive, the world went on! My children did are not any 'worse-for-the-wear' because we didn't do any school and they were allowed to play and watch TV. The church work was all still waiting for me today (I worked on fundraising brochures and letters for about 10 hours), as was the laundry, and everything else. So today I worked by butt off, but I have to say, it was worth it! I had a lot of fun doing NOTHING yesterday! (It battled feeling a little guilty in the morning, but it passed by lunchtime!) And I think I was more ready to tackle it all today. Maybe I should do that more often...

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